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Julien Briau is an actor originally from France. He is based in Los Angeles, California. Julien was born in Bergerac, a small city in the picturesque South of France. He started acrobatics at a young age and did his first front flip in the sandbox of his elementary school. His dedication deepened at age 11 when he discovered Breakdance. This opened many doors to him into Parkour/Freerunning, Martial Arts, Stunt and Acting. There weren't many classes happening in sleepy Bergerac. Carried by his motivation and ambitions, Julien self-taught and held himself to the highest standards of practice, usually on the streets. He left his country France at age 22 and became an international performing artist. He is two times nominee at the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Awards for his stunt performances on Dunkirk and Mission Impossible: Fallout. After returning to Los Angeles in 2017 from Mission Impossible: Fallout's shoot, he started studying and working mostly on his acting craft. For the next three years, he practiced along with great acting mentors like Craig Wallace and disciplined himself to gain credits and recognition as an actor rather than only performing stunts, unless required as part of a role. 

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